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Аннотация (русский):
Одна из основных проблем альтернативного сетевого планирования сводится к определению оптимального варианта разработки рассматриваемой симуляционной программы. В статье предлагаются критерии выбора оптимального варианта для случая однородной альтернативной сети, описанной нами в публикациях [1–3].

Ключевые слова:
однородная альтернативная стохастическая сеть, полные и объединенные варианты, оптимальный вариант принятия решений, многовариантная оптимизация, показатель оптимальности

While examining homogenous alternative networks the problem focuses on determining the full variant of a design program which is optimal from the viewpoint of a certain accepted criterion. The difference between stochastic and deterministic alternative models reveals itself in future utilization of the results of such “multi-variant” optimization. In deterministic alternative networks the optimal variant has to be executed regardless of any future conditions and circumstances; furthermore, it may be recommended to be adopted as a kind of master plan whilst controlling the process of a complicated system design. For stochastic networks, when each of the competing variants has a non-zero implementation probability, control problems become more complicated, since we are facing the additional indeterminacy as to the ways of reaching the ultimate program's targets. Taking into account information regarding the stochastic variants quality, which has been acquired by means of the optimality criterion, the design decision-maker should direct his efforts to carrying out measures which ensure the most beneficial conditions of executing the determined optimal variant and those ones being close to it.

Список литературы

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